Starpak - Manufacturers of shrink wrapping machinery
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Company Profile

Starpak a.k.a. Levy & Smith, was founded in 1946 as a jobbing shop. The aims and objectives of the company even then, were to consistently produce a product of high quality, a trend ever present today. A decade later, when the first polyethylene bags were imported into SA, it was Levy & Smith Starpak, who through their innovative skills, developed machines to heat seal these bags. From 1967, Starpak expanded its range to include machines that provides the technologically advanced solutions we have today.

Since its inception, Starpak has designed, engineered and installed over 80,000 packaging systems in 25 countries and with over six decades of experience in the packaging business, we pledge our commitment to remain the leader in our field

Always ahead and on top of the latest technology and developments in packaging. We will continue to innovate so you can benefit. The high degree of competitive technological advancement in our products have made it sought after internationally. With our latest collaboration with Italian packaging giant Clevertech, we are now able to offer an elite technological end of line solution, without the expensive European backup that it usually comes with. Starpak┬┤s worldwide network of authorized distributors provide support for machine installation, training, parts and materials supplier and act as liaison between Starpak and its wide family of customers.

Our highly experienced design and engineering staff walk step by step through projects with our customers, always sensitive to ensure complete satisfaction for their exact requirements.

As we have manufactured so many machines during the years we have been in existence, it would be difficult to indicate all our customers. Starpak has won the Gold Plaque in the South African Gold Pack Awards 1993 in the Flexibles Category; the International Trophy for quality presented in Paris France 2003 and 2004 and more recently the 2009 international Award for Technology & Quality presented in Geneva Switzerland earlier this year.

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